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October 4, 2010
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War Earth-The War Patriot by skywarp-2 War Earth-The War Patriot by skywarp-2
The War Patriot

Another Earth, and a different reality. It was WWII, the battle of Britain was won, Normandy and the European theater was over..but the war had not stopped there.

This reality is called the War-Earth!
The War-Earth is a storyline which depicts an alternate reality, in which the Earth is still at war. WWII never ended, and instead of a nuclear arms race, a genetics and super hero arms race began. Nuclear Weapons are still in existence, only they came much later and pale in comparison to the power and might of super powered beings. The story pics up in the future, where country alliances have become more solidified and the people of multiple nations are weary from massive attacks by super powered beings.

The War-Earth Saga:
There is no vigilante justice, just heroes trying to keep their territories safe, and the military heroes taking up their causes of war. the Third Reich fell in Germany, but survived and was Reborn as the Master Reich, the Allied forces became one large nation, I.A.S. (the International Allied States) which encompassed all of North America, Canada, Mexico, and the UK, as well as Parts of Southern Africa, and Australia. The Master Reich and the Axis alliance conquered almost all of Europe, the middle east, and Northern Africa. Central Africa was cutoff and remains a wasteland. China was conquered partially by Japan and is allied with Russia in it's northern half. The Free Republic of the U.S.S.R. is what exists now, with Russia becoming Democratic in the wake of the long wars. Neo-Isreal was founded in South America, in which now exists it's own nation state.. and seeks to once more reclaim it's former lands int he middle east with the defeat of the Master Reich.

History chose a different path. In the Allied States, A new Super Weapon was discovered with a powerful set of Super-powered heroes, when Doctor Max Hunter discovered the energies from a Meteorite could alter human physiology. Six other doctors got infected with that radiation as the mysterious meteor became unstable and exploded..the result left those 7 people with awesome powers and abilities. This event changed the War, and created the Super-powers arms race that exists today. The Government designated them as the Sovereign Brigade, and they have been able to keep the International Allied States Free from the Master Reich and the Axis Alliance for over 60 years.

The Master Reich is the rebirth of Hitler's Third Reich under the leadership of his grandson, Alaric Hitler. The Master Reich has it's own super powered heroes, which constantly attack and battle with the Forces of the I.A.S., the Uber Aryan whose powers were derived from psychic related experiments, and Ancient Atlantean technology. The Iron Cross are part mutants, and part Genetic creations. they are given powers by a machine known as the volaris Device. An alien artifact which secretly was given by the Asturens in exchange for the Master Reich's assistance to provide human slave labor at the end of the War.

The War Patriot [link] is the development of Teh Zeeb, who is a Varnon renegade scientist experimenting to create the Universe's most powerful being, one who is of a prophecy, that would end the tyranny of the Asturen empire throughout the milky way galaxy. Adam Powers was an enlisted soldier who ended up by fate again becoming the hero he was destined to be. The birth of the War Patriot herald a new beginning and turned the tide of the battle. however, in the wake of his creation was to be the death of most of the Sovereign Brigade, and most of the Iron Cross. Only 2 members of the Sovereign Brigade, and 3 members of the Iron Cross survived. Notably Doctor Max Hunter, who became a trusted Mentor to the War patriot, who later took the mantle of the Libertarian.

The War Wages onward for another 4 years, as the War patriot puts an end to the tyranny of the Master Reich all over the world, and eventually leads to the ultimate confrontation with the Uber Aryan, and the Asturen Alien forces. It was with the help of Thundara and Members of the Guardian Legion from the Normal CCS Reality, that the Master Reich and the Asturen Alien forces were defeated once and for all. The Master Reich went into hiding and the rise of the Silver Wolf began. the War Patriot having known of the Guardian Legion, formed his own Guardian League, and began a membership drive with heroes and mutants from across the I.A.S. Eventually The Uber Aryan Dies at the hands of the War Patriot, and for once the war ravaged Earth knows freedom and peace.

at least For now..

Unlike our reality, in this version of Earth, The Nazis were sent reinforcements from Japanese controlled China, and thus were able to repel much of the Allied led invasion forces.

The Axis and Allied forces concentrated their efforts on developing super soldiers, and super powered beings to fight their wars. The Scientist known as Max Hunter (in our universe he is known as the Sovereign) succeeded in endowing 6 champions with strange powers found within a meteorite, and they became known as the Sovereign Brigade!

the Sovereign Brigade, had fought and kept American Free from the Nazi tyranny of the Master Reich, and their leader the Uber Aryan and his super powered team known as the Iron cross!

Adam Powers volunteered for the Hyper-Human program and met with a top secret group located at Area 69 base.
There he was introduced to Teh Zeeb, a captured Alien from the planet Varnos, who was discovered by the International Allied States Government as working on human beings and altering their genetic structure. Teh Zeeb was put to work to develop I.A.S..'s newest line of super heroes.

But before he could get too far, he was killed in a viscous surprise attack by the Iron cross, and as the base came under attack, Adam Powers entered into the Hyper-human chamber, and started up the machine, with no off switch his body became unstable and the entire facility blew up, killing all but five Sovereigns, and all but 3 of the Iron Cross. Adam Powers emerged with unfathomable abilities (not unlike our own Star Superion) and was to begin training with Doctor Max Hunter as his Mentor. Eventually MAx Hunter changed his name to that of the Libertarian, and worked covertly with the War Patriot to solidify victory for the I.A.S.

With his new found powers, Adam was sent to a specialist lab at Corcinus, a facility in the northern Canadian States, there he trained and become the most deadliest hero on the planet, the War Patriot!

within 4 years of his actions around the world, the War Patriot ceased the Master Reich's power structure, toppling their government, and destroying the dreams of Alaric Hitler, grandson of the infamous Adolph Hitler.

A massive invasion force from the Aliens known simply as the Asturens arrived, they were allied with the ultra intelligence, Alaric Hitler, and the Master Reich led by the Neo-Silver Wolf. Battling such high powered aliens and renewed Nazi super hero forces, proved too much for the War Patriot even battling him back into the Earth's sun. Unconscious and in his super living star-energy form, the War patriot ended up phasing out of his dimension and into our own. When he awoke on Earth, he discovered strange things, fought some heroes and villains, and eventually garnered the attention of the Guardian Legion. They agreed to try to help War Patriot with his battle to save his earth and so they created a device that could traverse the span between dimensions, using the powers of Star Superion, who must stay behind..

Led by the Leo-Sabre, and accompanied by the Crimson Crow, Thundara, Turbocharge, Titan, and the Magnaman, they returned with the War Patriot and waged war with the Alien hordes, eventually Thundara was able to summon a Master Aesir weapon from Tartarus (Hell), and used it to destroy half the alien fleet, turning the tide of the battle and eventually freeing the Earth from enslavement.

It was their help and the new found help of Earth's unknown heroes, mutants and freaks that made their planet once again safe. Forging a Guardian League team on his home world, the War Patriot pledged his help to the Guradian Legion and the heroes of our Earth, should they ever need it in the future.

To date, this is the only time the War patriot has made an appearance to the Normal Time line Earth.
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Ikran Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011
looks like a fusion between Magneto and Captain America. Really cool!
Do you have a comic about your heroes?
KingLeonUniverse Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
dude i love your work bro!every character you create is just purely genius and creative. Anyways i was wondering, how much would it cost for a commission using this template??? That is only if you are doing commissions.
kilian777 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
This is the coolest alternate reality thing I've ever seen.
skywarp-2 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010
thanks! you ain't seen nothing yet! wait till the new Spore redesign hits.. oh man!!
kilian777 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010
You're gonna make Star Superion in Spore?
skywarp-2 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
hahahahaha.. no, I have a character called spore, which is actually being reworked into a more monstrous form..

here is the old work:

Spore: [link]

Minions of Spore: [link]

Spore's Prison: [link]

Spore and company:
kilian777 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
more monstrous? He's a Japanese school girl's worst nightmare already! Sort of reminds me of Doomsday.
skywarp-2 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
he'll be even better in the new design.. as for his reminding you of doomsday, it may be the helmet.. though the new version is more of a squiddy look..

the head is more monstrous, and fanged.. and he is a bit bulkier..I will upload that turnaround as soon as I finish some commission work.
jmqrz Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lookin' good, I really enjoy these alternate reality characters, they always look awesome!
skywarp-2 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010
thanks J! I think what I may do is design that entire reality and then get back to the original might be good to break up the monotony and give me a good chance to be recreative..
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