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Nocturnas Raven Mode, Revised by skywarp-2 Nocturnas Raven Mode, Revised by skywarp-2

On a Hollywood Back lot Cole Martin, a struggling actor, was preparing for the role that would change his life forever..In his costume, Cole had been rehearsing his lines for his part in the summer blockbuster film, Night Demon..A super hero action flick that would revive Cole's fledgling career, and make him a star once more. The Costume he wore in the movie resembles a Raven, and had razor sharp claws for fighting..his character would stalk the night in search of villains..the legend of the Nocturnas, was a central key story of the movie plot lines, and as such the studio had asked for a loan from the Egyptian Government and museum directory for some artifacts taken from a tomb in Egypt, for authenticity.

Little did Cole know that one artifact in particular was very valuable beyond imagine!

In the days of the pharaohs of Egypt, it is said that a High priest, making a deal with the falcon God Horus, gave him the means to enact revenge and justice on those who had slain his family..using the night as his guard, he would enact retribution on those who were evil..and not pure of heart..

The Night Creature was called Nocturnas, and looked like it was half man/Raven beast, with sharp and monstrous claws. Nocturnas roamed the night aimlessly looking for evil, and vengeance. The High Priest had done his job, but wanted to keep the power of Horus, which he sealed the Nocturnas spirit within a special Jar, made from Onyx, and carved into the shape of a raven.

Unbeknownst to Cole, this precious Jar was among the artifacts being displayed for the movie. Cole Martin was kind of in trouble, he had borrowed 250,000.00 dollars from a local Thug and Loan shark by the name of Hammer Malone. This two bit criminal was connected to a very powerful and very dangerous villain, by the name of the Akuma! Malone was sent to collect the money and to kill Cole Martin.

Cole had just finished a scene for the movie, and was headed to his dressing room to change from his super hero outfit, into his regular garb. He noticed his dressing room door ajar, and in that room was Malone and his men, they beat Cole, and demanded the money he borrowed. Cole said that his movie should be a success, and he would then be able to pay them.. unfortunately Malone decided t shoot Cole and he and his men escaped..

Lying on the floor, Cole's body began to become cold, his life essence draining out. As the blood pooled and made it's way to the Egyptian artifacts on the floor next to his lifeless body, there was a strange glow coming from the onyx Raven Jar..soon Black smoke began to roll from the tiny cracks in the lid, the inscription of the Jar made clear that only the blood of the innocent could free the Vengeance Spirit of Horus.. the Nocturnas!!

That night a shadowed creature prowled the rooftops in search of it's prey. Until finding an abandoned warehouse, and Hammer Malone and his thugs playing cards..from the outside street, all anyone could hear would have been gun shots, and lots of screaming..

The next day, Cole Martin awoke, and he was fine! No injuries, was it all a dream?? A knock on his door, and police were questioning his wear abouts, they told him that Malone and his men were murdered last night, and that the
killer left foot prints resembling his Costume..Cole assured the police that he had been at home all night and so too was his costume. After the police left, Cole heard a voice call his name, and in disbelief ran to his bed room to find his costume's eyes were glowing..a voice pierced his mind and showed him the ancient tale of the Nocturnas, and how the spirit had been trapped in that Onyx Prison for thousands of years..

Cole Martin was now the possessor of the power of Nocturnas. Cole was astonished to find that when he wore the costume he could transmutate his body into that of the form of the Egyptian Vengeance God Nocturnas, Mighty Herald of Horus. Cole's Blood set the Spirit Free, and cole's soul had combined with Nocturnas' spirit, making the two forever entwined.. Cole could do many great feats of strength and speed, and had control of dark matter, able to turn himself into smoke, and use dark smoke like tentacles of power.. his sense of vengeance and justice was brimming to a boil.

He was now one with the Spirit, and must protect the innocents and fight evil should it ever arise..Donning the costume and upgrading it, Cole Martin Became the Night Demon for real.. he became the Nocturnas..Wearing the costume gave Cole the protection from being discovered as the Nocturnas, and allowed him to use his powers without becoming the full Raven like Creature.. for if Cole were to ever loose control or consciousness, like when he was shot, Nocturnas will take over on autopilot and kill anything that stands in it's way according to it's primal sense of right and wrong.
gwdill Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008  Hobbyist
THIS ROCKS DA HOUSE BRO!! And I bet he'll rock alot of heads as well!!
skywarp-2 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
or arms, if you count Mr. Bolts..he he he
gwdill Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008  Hobbyist
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