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February 12, 2009
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Capital Comics EX Heroes by skywarp-2 Capital Comics EX Heroes by skywarp-2
So in the Ex (Extreme) Universe there are some differences in story content, and the costumes are more realistic, then just spandex.. and on top of that, the heroes are fighting a war in secret with the villains.. and the governments of the world are tracking them, as well as providing cover for their everyday battles.. in the hopes that they can capture these heroes or villains and use them to create their own military army..

so that said..

I have made my contribution to the EX Universe Heroes.. mostly to be designed by :iconkameleon84: These designs will be placed on a turn around style design like this [link]

Maximum of 15 heroes in this universe, and about 17 villains..

so I couldn't resist.. I had to show you guys..

So from Left to Right:

Beetle Blazer, Sovereign, Star Superion, Thundara, Magnaman..

Special thanks to the design of Star Superion from :iconkameleon84: , which I tweaked a bit..with his help..

Design notes:

Beetle Blazer is missing his back side back pack which sprouts bio-wings and boosters. Beetle Blazer is wearing an alien bio-armor that controls fire and flames.. and can allow him to fly as well as produce heat and control heat.

Sovereign is dressed like a Solitary king of a nation.. with a fancy eagle and eagles on his shoulders.. the belt buckle and stars..

Star Superion's Suit is a containment suit, that helps him control his energy output, and his center chest star glows the more power he exudes.. the helmet comes up from the back to cover his head and help contain the energy when he is overloading..

Thundara has the crown of the Valkyries which gives her flight and various mental abilities.. Not shown is the Hammer of her father Thor..

Magnaman has his sleek suit with each red rivet containing the restraining magnets that allows him to correctly control his powers..otherwise he's a magnetic bomb..

Wait until you see my EX versions of Loki, Malice, Mischief, and The Master Mentalist..
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Bracey100 Feb 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I dig it, Im going for more realism in the costumes of my own heroverse, including making caes practical/functional. Been looking at your stuff for a while, its got a lot of potential.
I love how you draw your characters. I hope you make comics with these characters because I see alot of great stories with them.
Chizel-Man Feb 14, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is hot man. They all look good Sky. Beetle Blazer has to be my favorite EX design.
thanks man! I love his design as well.. he's gonna be a cool character..
Chizel-Man Feb 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your welcome man. I know he is.
I like the look that the superion guy has going on with that helmet
thanks, he's like an astronaut and super hero all in one!
well, there's no denying that your characters are overloaded with style. but, I have to ask, on what kind of world are they based? is it Earth current time? future time? or does it span through different planetary systems?

cause I see the daughter of a God, and a bio-armored beetle character.... makes me wonder. <,<
it is a slightly futuristic earth, and Gods are actually inter-dimensional beings.. super technology, advanced, and powerful..
sweet, just the way I like it. :D
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